A New Kind of New Year's Resolution

Every year, Christmas flies by quicker than the last and before we know it its the New Year and we are once again faced with that familiar laundry list of things we want to improve on. Whether you are a fan of New Years resolutions or not, its hard to deny the pressure that a New Year can bring to be the best version of you. Maybe you are having issues with your job, maybe you are looking to get fit for the New Year or to eat a healthier diet. Perhaps there are vices in your life you are looking to overcome. Whatever the issue, the important thing is to be kind to yourself. This might sound like a simple or obvious thing to say but often times when we set goals for ourselves and face minor setbacks, we beat ourselves up over it. No one ever got to where they are by being perfect, so when things seem to be falling apart, give yourself a break, and do something nice for yourself. After all tomorrow is a new day and a chance to start again.